Manny the root baby

A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.

-Beth Ditto

Manny, 7.5 inch natural fibers doll

Didn’t I tell you I had some new things I wanted to try this year? Well, here is one of them. My version of a baby Mandrake, Mondragora, or root baby. I’ve had this little one in my head for a while and I kept making sketches and trying to decided how to make it more cute than creepy. I am not sure I succeeded, you will be the judge of that. What I can tell you is that I actually love him so much. I went for an open wide mouth to give the impression that he’s crying. But of course I didn’t want him to cry all day, so I made him a crocheted flower pacifier.

How did we come across this baby you may ask? Well, my little boy found some strange seeds on the ground near the park. When we got home he wanted to plant them because he wanted a tree for himself. So we planted them and after a couple of weeks a flower grew. When I went to pick the flower, the whole plant, including the roots, came out. And there was Manny. I’m not sure what he is, what he does or where he’s from. He can’t tell us either because he doesn’t talk. He’s a very fuzzy baby and cries every time he’s pulled out of his flower pot. I made him a flower pacifier to stop the crying and it has seemed to work so far. He also made a friend. His name is Grub and he’s a tiny snail that seems to be taking care of Manny at all times. If you have more information about these kind of babies, please let me know. We are still trying to figure him out.

Manny, 7.5 inch natural fibers doll

Baby Manny is a 7.5 inch natural fibers baby boy doll with his flower and only 6 inches if you don’t count the flower. His skin is DWE in Mocha color. His green and brown blushing is made with colored pencils to give the appearance of dirt from coming out of the ground. His limbs and torso are firmly filled with clean wool. His head is floppy. His legs and arms are floppy on the shoulders and thighs. Arms are sewn directly to the torso three times for extra strength. Legs and torso are one piece. His face is firmly needle felted. Baby Manny’s hair is a wild big loop mohair wig cap hand dyed to green with a crocheted flower with stem and leaves. The wig cap has been sewn to his head. This hair cannot be brushed. The little roots coming out of his body are made with mercerized cotton thread. He has a cute little tushie.

Even though baby Manny is made pretty sturdy, he needs to be played with gently. He’s an art doll intended for gentle play by an adult collector or an older child 7 and up. He’s a pretty fuzzy baby and will almost always rather be inside his pot.

Spot cleaning only. Though he rather be covered in dirt.

Manny, 7.5 inch natural fibers doll
Manny, 7.5 inch natural fibers doll

Baby Manny will go home with his hand crocheted flower pacifier, flower pot, soil blanket, and his friend and care taker Grub, the snail. All items are hand made by me.

If you would like to see more photos of Baby Manny you can see his album here.

Manny, 7.5 inch natural fibers doll
Manny, 7.5 inch natural fibers doll

Baby Manny’s adoption fee is 295 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free through standard mail. It can be upgraded to priority at the customers expense. To the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico is 30 USDollars via priority shipping. Other countries will need a revised quote.

Baby Manny is now waiting for a new home in my shop.

Manny, 7.5 inch natural fibers doll

Thank you for taking the time to meet Manny. I know he may not be for everyone and that some wi probably find him a little creepy. I must say I also have a thing for creepy cuteness. So of course, I adore Manny.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Read you soon.



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