Miera a new sleeping baby.

Spoil your baby with love, with kisses, with physical touch.

-Brenda Koscluk

Miera, 18 inch Natural Fibers Baby Doll

Please meet Miera, my new baby girl. This is the first big baby of the year. I did make another big baby but it was a custom order, so it does not count. This is the first one I make for adoption. Miera is very sweet and sleeps a lot. You know, she’s still a pretty new baby, so it’s normal that she sleeps a lot. However, that does not mean she’s a good sleeper. She can only sleep well when she is in someone’s arms. She likes to feel the warmth of her caregiver’s body. This has been a little bit of a problem here. You see, I have been working on her, her clothes, and her brothers and sisters all day every day, so at night I am super tired and want to sleep. She also wants to sleep… but on me. I must say that even though my kids are still cosleepers up to a certain degree, I just can’t sleep with someone touching me. So as you could imagine, we had a couple of restless nights, a lot of crying and fuzzing, both her and me. Suddenly I realized that she might just need a pacifier. Little did I know, that even the newborn pacifiers were going to be too big for Miera’s little mouth. So I put my thinking cap and got an idea to modify a pacifier and make it fit, and so I did. I am actually pretty happy about this. I have been trying to get my natural babies to have a pacifier without having to use any magnets and I finally got it right. I just took out the nipple and made a smaller, shorter nipple directly on the pacifier with hot glue. I think I will show you soon on Instagram. It’s super easy as long as the doll has a little bit of an open mouth.

Now let me tell you other things a bout Miera. She’s a precious baby that likes nature, especially the stars at night. She gets mesmerized at a starry sky. She also loves baby dolls and plushies, especially the ones with tags or knots. I guess blankets can work too, I just haven’t tried one yet. I’m one of those moms that are always afraid babies will suffocate with a blanket. She probably won’t. She’s also still not eating solids but I think that will change soon because I have seen the way she looks at us when we eat in front of her.

Miera, 18 inch Natural Fibers Baby Doll
Miera, 18 inch Natural Fibers Baby Doll

I also want to talk a little bit about her clothes. I did a whole day of cloth embroidery with this doll and I really love how it turned out. Both outfits have something embroidered but they are both very different in style and colors. I also made a knitted bonnet that I am super proud of. It took me about 9 hours to make it but it is the most elaborated piece of knitting I have made so far. It may not be perfect, but it is very special, at least to me.

Miera, 18 inch Natural Fibers Baby Doll

Miera is an 18 inch natural fibers art baby doll. She’s fully soft sculpted and anatomically correct. Her skin is Laib Yala in red brown. Her limbs are fully lined and firmly stuffed with clean wool and glass beads. Her torso is needle felted in two parts and weighted with glass beads as well. Her head is floppy. Her arms and legs have been hand sewn to her torso three times to make it extra strong. They are very floppy as well and bend at the elbows, shoulders, thighs, ankles, and knees. Her head is firmly needle felted and soft sculpted in the mouth and nose. Miera’s hair is a a hand crocheted big loop mohair wig cap in caramel color. It has been hand sewn to her head. This type of hair cannot be brushed. Her blushing has been made with colored pencils and a red bees wax crayon. It is not permanent and it can be refreshed with a bees wax crayon.

Miera is not a toy. She’s an art doll intended for gentle play by an adult collector or an older child 10 and up. She likes to play and cuddle but you need to be gentle with her like you would be with a real baby.

Miera, 18 inch Natural Fibers Baby Doll

Miera will go home with most of the clothes and accessories you see in her photos. All items are handmade by me, except the pacifier, though I modified it.

  • Cloth diaper with snaps.
  • Handmade Overall playsuit with hand embroidered detail. ( Pattern for playsuit by Oh me Oh my sewing)
  • Socks made from repurposed baby socks.
  • Handmade head band.
  • Hand crocheted baby shoes. (Pattern by Mamachee).
  • Handmade jumpsuit with hand embroidered detail. (Pattern for jumpsuit by Pluto Patterns)
  • Hand knitted bonnet. (Pattern by Brianna K designs)
  • Hand crocheted socks.
  • Modified newborn pacifier.
  • Baby lovie doll.

If you would like to see more photos of Miera you can see them in her album.

You can also watch a small video of Miera getting ready for bed here:

Miera’s adoption fee is 1,380 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free with standard mail with tracking (It can be upgraded to Mexpost or private courier at the customer’s expense). Shipping outside Mexico needs to be by a private courier and fully insured because she is a weighted doll. Shipping to the US is 75 USDollars. Other parts of the world will need a revised shipping quote. Customs fees and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

A short, 3 month/ 4 payment plan is available to purchase her. However at least 1/4 of the doll’s price needs to be paid upfront. Please ask for the payment plan rules if you don’t know them yet. The doll and shipping cost need to be paid in full before the doll gets shipped.

Miera, 18 inch Natural Fibers Baby Doll

If you wish to adopt Miera make sure to comment below stating that you would like to adopt her, your country of residence, and remember that the email you write should be your PayPal email address. Comments will not be visible to the public, only to me. If you are unsure if your comment went through, just send me a private message and I’ll confirm it to you.

Please only comment for her if you are completely sure you want her and are able to pay for her either in full or following the rules of the payment plan.

I will take entries for Miera until, Tuesday May 23, 2023 at 12 noon CST. If more than one person is interested I will draw a name. Once a family has been chosen I will send a PayPal invoice that is due upon receipt. The selected family has 12 hours to make the payment. If they fail to do so, I will select a new name or list the doll in my shop.

As always by commenting you agree you are 18 years or older and please do not comment for someone else, that is just not fair for others.

If Miera does not find a home in the time stated above she will be announced on Instagram and Facebook as ready for adoption and listed in my shop.

Miera, 18 inch Natural Fibers Baby Doll

Thank you for coming to meet baby Miera. I hope you like her as much as I do.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Stay safe.

Read you soon.



P.S. If you would like to know when babies are ready for homes make sure you subscribe to my email list.

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