Ri Eul, a sensitive baby boy.

A sensitive soul sees the world through the lens of love.


Ri Eul- 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Hello everybody. Hope you are having a good week, a good start of the month, and are enjoying summer already. I have been very busy working not only on this little one but also on a tiny baby for my son. I may be working a little slow but I’m not rushing it and I’m enjoying all the little details.

As many of you know, Asian babies are usually hard for me. Getting the slanted eyes right can be challenging for me. Every now and then I get them to look the way I want them to, like with this sweet boy. I am actually super happy with the shape of his eyes. I hope I can recreate it later on.

Ri Eul was lightly inspired in the main character of the Sound of Magic, a Netflix series. He’s not dressed like him or anything. However, he’s a very sensitive boy who believes in magic and may I say I believe he has some magic of his own too. I’m not sure what it is but magical things happen around him. The clouds will suddenly go away when I take him out, flowers bloom in front of us, and butterflies seem to follow him around. Sometimes when I think of something and I’m with him, it happens. It’s like he can read my mind and then make whatever I want or need to happen happen. He can truly feel what others need and has a way of bringing calmness and joy to whoever is around him. He’s truly a very sensitive and intuitive child.

Some of Ri Eul’s favorite things are birds and butterflies, flowers and story books, rhymes and songs, berries and kiwis, and just nature itself. He loves to have company and make people smile. He loves colors, fireworks, and rainbows. He’s not scared of the dark as long as he’s not alone.

Ri Eul- 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll
Ri Eul- 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Ri Eul is an 11 inch baby boy. His skin is Heavy weight Laib Yala in Dark Peach. His eyes have been hand embroidered with DMC thread and his hair is a hand crocheted brushable mohair wig cap in black and brunette. It can be brushed gently and restyled. His blushing was made with a red orange beeswax crayon and is not permanent. He is a Waldorf inspired doll, filled with clean wool. His head has been made in the traditional Waldorf style but has also been needle felted to make it firmer. He can bend his arms at the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. He can bend his legs at the hip and knees. His head is wobbly and can move and tilt to the sides.

Ri Eul- 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll
Ri Eul- 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Ri Eul will go home with the following clothes and accessories:

  • Handmade shirt.
  • Handmade diaper with snap closures.
  • Handmade bloomers with suspenders.
  • Handmade socks.
  • Handmade shoes. (Pattern by Down Under Waldorfs)
  • Hand crocheted hat with pompom
  • Hand knitted bonnet. (Pattern is part of the Cupcake doll pattern by Lali Dolls)
  • Handmade sleeper. ( Pattern by Wild Marigold)
  • Handmade origami fabric butterfly.

Even though this doll was made as a collectible piece it is also made to be strong and sturdy and for play by children who do not mouth their toys. However, there are snaps and buttons on most of his clothing items. These could all turn into choking hazards.

You can see more of Ri Eul’s photos in his album.

Ri Eul- 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Ri Eul’s adoption fee is 390 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free with Standard registered mail (It can be upgraded at the customer’s expense); to the US and PR the doll will be sent through Priority Mail for 30 USDollars. Other countries will need a revised quote. If you would like your doll to be sent with a private courier with full insurance let me know so I can give you an accurate quote. Custom taxes may apply and they are the costumers responsibility.

If you would like to adopt this sweet baby boy, please comment below stating so. Make sure the email you enter is your PayPal one and don’t forget to write down the country the doll will be sent to. If there is more than one person interested, I will draw a name. I will take entries for Ri Eul until Thursday June 8, 2021 at 9am CDT. Remember comments are only visible to me.

Once a family has been chosen I will send a PayPal invoice that is due upon receipt. Shipping days are Mondays.

In the event Ri Eul does not find a loving home in the time stated above, he will be listed in my shop and announced on Facebook and Instagram.

Ri Eul found a loving home.

Ri Eul- 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Thank you for checking out my new baby boy. I hope you like him as much as I do.

Hope you have a great rest of the week and that you get to do something magical. I will be celebrating my son’s birthday this weekend. So that is magical for me of course.

Read you soon.