Angel, the nature lover.

Eco babies wear green.

-Michelle Colman

A new day, a new baby! I hope you are all doing well and with most of your Christmas presents already bought. I still have some more Christmas shopping to do but nothing big really.

A brand new baby has been born in my studio. This time my hands gave birth to a baby boy. he’s the first one in this size, in this style. His name is Angel and he is definitely an angel of a baby. I’m sure you can tell by that sweet face of his.

Angel, 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Angel loves nature. He loves to help in the garden and literally hugs every plant we have. He’s our little tree hugger. He likes cloth and wooden toys. Disposable diapers give him a very bad rash and he seems more comfortable wearing soft cotton clothes. He loves playing with dirt and loves mixing the compost. He really enjoyed helping me paint his shirt with watercolors. We can say he is a very sensory child. Something very special about Angel is that he is one of those rare kids that would rather eat vegetables than candy. He specially loves to munch on raw carrots and broccoli. Don’t you wish all kids were like that?

Some of Angel’s other favorite things are going on hikes safely strapped to an adult or on a stroller of course. He also enjoys playing with our dog, listening to Elmo’s songs, and looking through books and magazines. He especially likes the ones with animals and trees. Angel is a very calm, should I say zen kind of baby. He’s delightful and so easy to take care of.

Angel, 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Angel, 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Angel is an 11 inch baby boy. His skin is DWE in dark brown. His dark green eyes have been hand embroidered with DMC thread and his hair is a hand crocheted brushable mohair wig cap in black. It can be brushed though I have decided not to because I felt his hair looked like a little afro and I loved it. However, you can brush it and restyle it if you want to. His blushing was made with a red beeswax crayon and is not permanent. He is a natural fibers doll, filled with clean wool. His head has been made in the traditional Waldorf style but has also been needle felted to make it firmer. He can bend his arms at the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. He can bend his legs at the hip and knees. His head is very wobbly and can move and tilt to the sides.

Angel, 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Angel will go home with the following clothes and accessories:

  • Handmade and hand painted comfy shirt with snap closures.
  • Handmade diaper with snap closures.
  • Handmade gray shorts made with repurposed baby clothes.
  • Handmade hand dyed green gauze fully lined coat (Pattern by Reggies Dolls)
  • Handmade 2 piece pajamas. (Pattern by Meadowfinch)
  • Hand crocheted wool blend bonnet
  • Hand crocheted cotton booties
  • Wool blend felt giraffe

Even though this doll was made as a collectible piece it is also made to be strong and sturdy and for play by children who do not mouth their toys. However, there are snaps on the diaper and shirt, and sleeper. These could all turn into choking hazards. If you are planing to give this doll to a small child and would like me to change the snaps and button for velcro, please let me know. I will gladly change them.

You can see more of Angel’s photos in his album.

Angel, 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll
Angel, 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Angel’s adoption fee is 390 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free with Standard registered mail (It can be upgraded at the customer expense); to the US and PR you have the choice of standard registered mail with tracking for 18 USDollars, or Priority Mail for 30 USDollars. Other countries will need a revised quote. If you would like your doll to be sent with a private courier with full insurance let me know so I can give you an accurate quote. Custom taxes may apply and they are the costumers responsibility.

If you would like to adopt this kind baby boy, please comment below stating so. Make sure the email you enter is your PayPal one and don’t forget to write down the country the doll will be sent to. If there is more than one person interested, I will draw a name. I will take entries for Angel until tomorrow Wednesday November 17, 2021 at 3pm CST. Remember comments are only visible to me.

Angel has found a loving home.

Angel, 11 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know this sweet boy. If you wish to adopt him I wish you good luck too.

Hope you are all doing well, are safe and healthy.

Read you soon.



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