Louisa dreams of being a dancer

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.


So here I am again. After saying I was going to take a rather long maternity leave, I come back only a month after I gave birth to my beautiful boy. I guess sometimes you plan things but the universe just have other plans for you. Our family is going through a little bit of a rough time money wise, so I had to step up and start working right away. I’m very lucky I can work from home and I have a husband that supports me 100% and takes care of the little ones while I work. So it’s only fair I show you a photo of my new little baby boy. He’s exactly one month old in this photo. He’s three days older today 😉

Now , let me introduce you to Louisa. My first baby doll after giving birth to my real baby boy. Louisa is a posing doll. She is extremely floppy and can be posed in numerous ways, making her perfect for a baby photographer.

I’m still perfecting this pattern to one I’m completely satisfied with. I changed a couple of things from when I first made it. Some things will stay and some will probably be changed along the way. I still think she’s adorable and she was made with lots of care and love. Many hours of hard and meticulous work have been put into this sweet baby girl. Louisa is my first baby doll that is completely lined on the inside. This helps her skin look much more smooth. I slightly changed the dimensions of her body from the first time I drafted this pattern. She also has individual fingers that have been posed differently in each hand. They have been sewn in place so you will not be able to change the posing on the fingers. The way her legs have been sewn to the body is different that what I have done before. I actually copied this technique from Cathy Eklund’s Selah Pattern. Though I used my own pattern to apply the technique. I’m not sure I want to keep this way of attaching the legs to the body or if I’ll change it once again. They do achieve great posing though. Louisa is also my biggest and heaviest baby doll so far.

Louisa is a big newborn size baby girl who likes to be rocked and danced with to go to sleep. The more you dance with her, the deeper she will fall asleep. That is why we say she loves dancing. Dancing is actually the only way to make her fall asleep. The best part is that she looks so happy in her sleep is like she’s dancing in her dreams.

Now Louisa is NOT a natural fibers art doll. She is not filled with wool and is not a Waldorf inspired doll. She is a 22 inch newborn size soft sculpted Ooak baby doll with sleeping eyes and dark brown hair. Her body is made out of organic cotton interlock fabric hand dyed to a blushed color. The whole doll is made with 2 layers of fabric. She is fully soft sculpted and anatomically correct. Louisa has hand embroidered sleeping eyes and eyebrows. Her brown wool yarn hair has also been hand embroidered. Her blushing was made with a red orange bees wax crayon and is not permanent. Her arms are hand sewn to her body (they are floppy) and the legs are part machine sewn to the body and finished by hand for extra strength. Her head is attached with super strong nylon thread and then secured with a ladder stitch all around to make it more neat and aesthetically pleasing. The head is very floppy. You need to hold her head when you carry her, just like a real baby. This baby doll is stuffed with soft polyester stuffing. She is weighted with glass beads inside her head, torso, arms, and legs. Louisa weights a little over 3 lbs. She fits into most newborn clothes and some 3 month clothes.

Baby Louisa is not a toy. She’s an art doll intended for gentle play by and adult collector, a professional photographer, or older child, 7 and up.

If you would like to see more photos of Louisa you can look at her album.

Louisa will go home with the clothes shown in the previous photos which include:

  • A handmade cloth diaper with safety pin
  • Store bought 0-1m long sleeve body suit
  • Handmade tutu
  • Handmade headband
  • Hand crocheted ballet slippers
  • Traveling friend (not shown in the photos)

All my babies come wrapped in a blanket.

If you have decided that this baby is for you. You might want to know that Louisa’s adoption fee is 270 USD plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free. Shipping to the US and Canada is 33 USD. Shipping to other parts of the world is 50 USD.

If you would like to dance away home with Louisa , you can now get her in my shop.

Thank you for passing by and reading about our little dancer.

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