Three sleeping babies and a new pattern

As I prepare to welcome our new family member I have also slowed down in my baby dolls production. I’m in the nesting stage of pregnancy. I started making things for my baby, cleaning the house and preparing for his arrival.

I will be taking a 3 or 4 months break but of course I wanted to leave you all with something. So I thought a new pattern would be a good idea. I have been making my old felt doll patterns into tutorials and those have been doing pretty good. Now this time I wanted to make something different, something I think people will like more. The reason I started selling my felt baby doll patterns was because I wasn’t making them anymore but I felt bad, I mean I thought the dolls were cute and it took me a long time to figure out the patterns and style. So I thought a good way to keep them alive was to sell the pattern so others can make them and even sell them.

Now I started thinking of a doll I haven’t made for sale in a long time and I realized I haven’t made either my sleeping simple babies nor my pocket dolls in a very long time. It’s not that I’m taking them completely out the market. I will probably make them for customs or for some holidays. However, I don’t think these babies will be in my shop too much, especially after my baby is born. I honestly want to focus more in my natural fibers art dolls.

So this is pattern I will be selling soon. The pattern is for a 10 inch sleeping baby doll. The head is soft sculpted and the body is meant to look like pajamas that cannot be taken off. I made this pattern to be child friendly, so that is the reason the doll is simple. Face features and hair are embroidered, you can add accessories or leave it as simple as you want. I decided to add a bunting style to the pattern and also give you an idea on how to resize it if you’d like to. I recommend you only resize it to a smaller size though. Making the pattern bigger can sometimes make the proportions a little off. Nevertheless, you can do it too, a big headed baby is till super cute. The pattern is in the hands of some testers. Once they give me feedback and I re-revise it, I will put it for sale on my Etsy shop. Hopefully it will be ready at the end of this month before my baby boy is born.

I made 5 dolls to test this pattern. One of them has been gifted to a friend, another one is going to be donated and the other three are being put for adoption. Of course I got a little creative with them. I wanted to show you some of the possibilities with these babies. The pattern is really just the base for you to make a completely customized baby doll. These three babies will be in my Big Cartel shop tomorrow May 15, 2019 at 7pm EST. These babies are going to be first come first serve but I’m letting you all know first in case you are interested.

So here I present to you Dulce, Aliz, and Summer.

Dulce, which is also the name of the pattern, is a 10 inch sleeping baby girl with red hair. Her skin is DWE in a tan color. Her body is made from a recycled toddler dress. She comes with a pink pointy hat, a ruffled skirt that ties in the back, a hand crocheted headband with a flower, and pink hand crocheted booties. Dulce has some freckles on her face and her blushing is made with a beeswax crayon. Her adoption fee is going to be 50 USDollars plus shipping.

You can see more photos of Dulce here.

Aliz is a 6 inch sleeping baby girl. I made her resizing the pattern to a 60%. She’s the smallest baby doll I made from this pattern. Her skin is Laib Yala heavy weight jersey in dark brown. Her body is made from mint colored cotton double gauze. Her face features and black hair are all embroidered. She goes home wearing a yellow pointy hat, a ruffled pink skirt with elastic, a hand crocheted bonnet and booties. Aliz’s adoption fee is 35 USDollars plus shipping.

If you would like to see more photos of Aliz, you can see them here.

Summer is the last of the babies. She’s 7 inches tall. I resized the pattern to a 70%. I also decided to give her a bunting body. I got a little more creative with her and hand embroidered some pretty flowers on her sleeping gown. Summer skin is organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a blushed color. Her body is a thick wool mix fabric. Her embroidered flowers, hair, and features are all made with cotton embroidery floss. Summer wears a hand crocheted hat. Her adoption fee is 45 USDollars plus shipping.

If you would like to see more photos of Summer, you can do so here.

All my babies come with a a traveling friend and wrapped in a simple blanket.

Just so you know the pattern will not have instructions to make the crocheted accessories. The accessories in the pattern are the pointy hats, ruffled skirts, and a simple bibdana.

I hope you like these babies. Even though they were made to test the pattern, they were still made with love and putting attention to detail. I had fun making all the accessories and special details. Thank you so much for stopping by to meet them.

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Read you soon.



6 thoughts on “Three sleeping babies and a new pattern

  1. These are absolutely adorable!! Dolls of this kind were never quite so pretty in my 70’s childhood. My mother made me a rag doll when I was eight years old, but she had real problems in sewing a pretty face. I think she did quite well considering she’d never made a doll before, plus she had no pattern to follow either, but I recall her bursting out laughing at the funny face she had sewn! Oh wow, these are so different… she would have been thrilled to have seen these! I never knew a fabric doll could look so cute… lovely creations you have created. 😎


  2. Me fascinan las quiero todas. Estoy tan emocionada de poder hacer este Patrón. También deseo felicitarte con la nueva llegada de tu bebe que todo les salga bien y muchas bendiciones.


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