A big personality in a little body!

Happy Girls are the Prettiest

-Audrey Hepburn

Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll

Allow me to tell you a little about this baby. She was supposed to be my first baby doll of the year, but of course, she had other plans. She took way longer than I thought and was full of surprises. As I was making this baby everything I had planned for kept changing. Her face didn’t look quite as I pictured it. I’m not going to lie, I even thought she was laughing at me when I first saw her cute little face. After I finished her body I noticed she was bigger than I thought. I planned her to be 16 inches but she was 18 inches long. I also pictured her as a sleeping beauty but she completely refused to close her beautiful black eyes. So after seeing this I decided to completely let go and embrace who she was.

Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll

So here I present to you Micah. Micah is a sweet baby girl that knew who she was even before she was born. I could here her giggling while I was felting her happy face. She quickly opened her eyes when I put on her skin, and she gave a big stretch when I finished her body. But that wasn’t enough, once I finished her first outfit, she decided she wanted something more fun, so I had to make her a new one of course.

Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll
Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll

Micah is definitely a little girl with a big personality. She knows what she wants and she’ll let you know in the sweetest way, a way you cannot say no to. I’m not sure how to describe it but she just looks at you with that smiley little face full of love and you just melt giving her everything she wants. Micah loves to laugh and play and her joy is definitely contagious.

Micah loves watching playful puppies, monkeys, kittens, basically any animal that runs around and plays silly. She specially enjoys watching the squirrels play and she reaches for them as if she wants to go play to. No surprise she loves the flying squirrel I made for her.

Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll

Micah is an 18 inch small newborn size natural fibers baby doll. She fits into newborn or bigger preemie clothes. Her skin is Laib Yala swiss tricot in dark brown color, her limbs are firmly filled with clean wool. Her torso is lined with interlock cotton fabric and filled with clean wool and clean craft sand for weight. Her head is very floppy and needs to be supported at all times, just like a real newborn baby.  Her legs are jointed with plastic safety joints for better posing. Her face is firmly needle felted, soft sculpted, and hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. Micah’s hair is black brushable mohair yarn crocheted into a wig and sewn to her head. It can be styled with fingers. She’s fully soft sculpted and anatomically correct.

Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll

Micah will go home with all the clothes you see in her photos.

  • Cloth diaper with a safety pin
  • Colorful romper made with a pattern by Dear Little Dolls Pattern
  • Hand crocheted pink bolero
  • Handmade white tights
  • Handmade beige boots made with a pattern by Lenas Shoe Patterns
  • Handmade flower clip
  • White sleeping gown with embroidered detail made with a pattern by Meadowfinch
  • White and pink bonnet made with a pattern by Wild Mari Gold
  • Her black flying squirrel was made with a free pattern by Abbie Glassenberg

If you would like to see more photos of Micah you can check her  album

If you would like to see a little video of her getting dressed you can see it here

Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll

Micah’s adoption fee is 460 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, to the US, PR, and Canada is 45 USDollars and for the rest of the world is 70 USDollars.

If you wish to adopt Micah make sure you comment on this post saying you are interested in her. I will take entries for Micah until tomorrow February 2, 2019 at 7pm EST. If more than one person is interested I will draw a name the next day and will contact the new family right away. I will then send a PayPal invoice that is due upon receipt.

In the event that Micah gets no entries that first day. I will list her on my Big Cartel shop and announce it on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are hoping to take Micah home and have hours of fun, I wish you good luck. If you only came to meet her, I thank you for taking the time to read about this sweet baby girl.

Micah, a natural fibers art baby doll

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