Sonja, a little creepy cutie

Creepy girls are the cutest

Little Sonja was left at our doorstep on a very dark night with only a piece of paper with the name Sonja. When I first opened the door I thought someone left us a dead baby.  She was so pale and her eyes looked like someone punched her. Then suddenly she started moving. I took her in my arms immediately thinking she must’ve been dying and needed some love before she left to the land of the dead.


We took her in and try to feed her but she really won’t take anything, not even water. I was sure she was not going to survive the night. I put her in my bed to let her sleep with us while I watched her every single breath, ready for the moment her little heart would stop beating.  Sonja didn’t sleep at all, she kept playing and babbling. She started falling asleep as the sun started to rise. She does this every single day. I just gave up trying to put her to sleep at night.


The second day she was with us, I decided to take her outside thinking the sun would do her good. Little did I know, Sonja has one of the worst allergies to sun light. Her skin literally starts burning.  So I rushed her in the house and kept her in a dark room where her skin started recuperating right away. Her skin is completely good now. It’s impressive how fast she got back to normal, well, her normal.

Little Sonja now spends her days sleeping and the nights playing. I am not sure who she is or even what she is. I noticed our cat and our dog seemed to be afraid of her. I’m not going to lie, that scares me a little. I know animals can sense things that we humans cannot. So I now keep her in my studio where my pets rarely go in.

The more I think of it, the more confused I get. I mean, why is her skin and hair so white? Why does she have dark circles around her eyes? Is not like she doesn’t sleep, she actually sleeps all day! Also she has pretty long canine teeth for a baby and they are always stained. Doesn’t matter how many times I clean them they always look like she had red wine or beets. And what about her sun allergy? It’s just so weird. So, I have decided to give her for adoption. Don’t get me wrong, she’s sweet and all but I just don’t know how to take care of her. I hope one of you is up to the challenge.


Sonja is a 13 inch art doll. Her skin is 100% organic cotton interlock in its natural color. She is stuffed with soft polyester stuffing. Her hair is a very soft, white Tibetan Lamb wig hand sewn to her head. She’s fully soft sculpted and anatomically correct. Sonja is NOT weighted. Her eyes are painted with fabric paint and her fangs are needle felted wool with some red color pencil  to make them look stained. Her adoption fee is 160 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free. Shipping to the US and Canada is 18 USDollars. Shipping to the rest of the world is 30 USDollars.

Sonja will go home wearing the clothes shown in the photos.

  • A handmade cotton diaper with a safety pin
  • A handmade lace dress
  • A matching handmade bonnet
  • A pair of handmade baby lace sandals
  • A surprise traveling friend

All my babies come swaddled in a simple blanket and Sonja will be in a cloth bag protected from the sun.

If  you would like to see more photos of Sonja you can see her album here.

You can adopt Sonja in our shop here.



IMG_3391Thank you for taking the time to learn about this creepy cutie.

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Read you soon.



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