Erik, a preemie size boy doll.

After a couple of failed tries and many pattern redesigns, I finally was able to create a toy preemie size baby doll. Why do I call this pattern toy? And why is it different from my previous child friendly pattern? Well, it’s mainly the legs.


In the previous child friendly preemie design, the legs and the torso where 1 piece but they looked separated mainly because of the soft sculpting. However, these babies cannot sit as well as my toy babies. I know most babies cannot sit but by working with small children and having my own in the house, I have come to learn they do like their dolls to be able to sit. It is part of their imaginative play, and who am I to tell them that baby dolls can’t sit.

This new design still has the torso and body as a one piece but it is divided by “cloth joints” that make him more flexible and allows him to sit. He can even sit unassisted if propped properly.


Erik is a sweet, very attentive little boy. He’s always ready to play and will always find something interesting to do so. He’s great for hugs and cuddles too. His floppy body and long cloth joints make him so much fun to pose. He would love to find a child or a child at heart to play with night and day.


Erik is a 17 inch baby boy doll. His skin is organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a cocoa brown color. Note that because the fabric is hand dyed there might be some imperfections in the color, nothing big though and I like to think of them as birth marks. He’s filled with soft polyester stuffing. His face is soft sculpted and his dark green eyes are hand embroidered. His body is very floppy like a rag doll. As with all my dolls his head is also floppy like a real baby. Erik is NOT weighted nor anatomically correct. He was also made to promote imaginative play and that is why his body is made in a simpler way and is not fully soft sculpted. He does have a cute belly button and buttocks though.

Erik will go home wearing the clothes shown on the photos above which includes:

  • a white handmade diaper with velcro
  • a preemie size outfit (onesie and footed pants)
  • a white newborn size baby hat

Erik will also have a traveling friend and will be cozy swaddled in a blanket .


If you would like to see more photos of Erik you can do so here.
Erik is now available for adoption in my shop.


Thank you for taking the time to read about this sweet boy. I do hope Erik finds a loving home today. He’s so ready to meet new friends.

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Read you soon!



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