A new adventure begins

IMG_2430And so I am  now a pattern maker and seller!!! I actually have been thinking about this for quite a while but was first a little scared and then too busy to even try.

I finally decided to make some time and go for it. What could go wrong. Well, actually a lot can go wrong, like people not liking the doll, the pattern, not understanding anything I write (because English is not my first language), or just not being able to  make a cute doll. So the paranoia began right when I decided to start this new adventure. Still, I went for it.


I didn’t look back. I got my tools, made my dolls, took many pictures and went on to explain step by step how to make this doll. I decided to get pattern testers, mainly because this was my first pattern and I also needed someone to proofread it. I was very nervous, I thought no one would be able to make the doll with my explanations. To my surprise the dolls came out super cute! So that gave me the confidence I needed. I went and fixed all the little confusing parts and polished the pattern as much as I could.

The dolls below are the ones made by the pattern testers. Aren’t they cute?!

When I first made these dolls, I always thought they looked so happy and full of joy. That is how the name Little Joy came to be. These little babies are nothing but pure joy and I hope that is what they bring to you once you get to create them.


With this pattern you will be able to make a 10 inch baby rag doll with yarn hair on top. The doll can be made in any woven fabric or wool felt. I guide you through every step including how to embroider the face. The tutorial consists of  over 30 pages full of photos and step by step guidance and tips to make your sweet baby. The pattern also includes how to make a diaper, dress, booties and a bonnet. Pattern is in English.


For now I will only be selling my felt doll patterns but don’t worry there are a lot of them. In the future I may sell others, who knows 😉

I really hope you enjoy the Little Joy pattern as I am already working on my next one.

Oh and I almost forgot, you can get the pattern in my Etsy shop.

Read you soon and happy making!





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