Believe in Magic

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

-Roald Dahl


Let me tell you a magical story. The story of how we came to know Fay.

Our daughter, V has been obsessed with horses lately. She will only play with toy horses or have a way to introduce them to any game really. She tells stories about horses, will only want horses books to be read to her, and she even takes her stick horse to walk our dog.

So this past week, V has been telling me this story about a unicorn that lives at the green path where we walk our dog. Her stories are pretty elaborated and she runs around the path playing with this unicorn of hers. Of course, I thought this was so cute and didn’t really pay attention to it.  However, everyday she would tell me more about this unicorn. I would look where she pointed, not seeing anything, and nod and smile pretending to see it. I just thought this was some imaginary friend, a stage of childhood she was going through.

Then two days ago, V told me the name of the unicorn was Fay. This surprised me because V has been naming every horse and unicorn in her life “Spirit”, “White Spirit”, “Black Spirit”, “Brown Spirit”, well you get the idea. Then she started telling me this unicorn was a baby with horse feet but that she had hands like ours. I got a little worried for a minute and decided to investigate more. I told her to show me the unicorn. I was thinking that maybe she found a dead animal, a lost toy, or an animal she had never seen before and I needed to make sure it was safe. At first she showed me and I didn’t see anything. I started to think it was her imagination again. Then suddenly, I saw the grass move and sparkle. V told me I needed to look better. So I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and when I opened them, there she was, white, sparkly, colorful, furry, small, and so cozy. The sweetest little unicorn fawn was sleeping in the grass.


According to what I understood from V this sweet baby has been alone for a long time. All the kids that walk by always play with her. The only problem is the dogs and cats that think she’s a toy. She needs to hide from them constantly and that tires her a lot. That is the main reason why she sleeps every moment she can.

We decided to take Fay in. She obviously needed protection, at least until she grows up and can take care of herself.  She now sleeps in my studio and our dog is already used to her. However, our little kitty still thinks she’s a toy so we really need to find her a new home. She’s very well behave and magical things happen when she’s around. I don’t know how to describe it, but she fill the room with light and sparkle.

IMG_2531Fay’s adoption fee is 145 USD plus shipping. Shipping in Mexico is free, To other parts of the world is 13 USD.

Fay is NOT a natural fibers doll. Her skin is organic cotton interlock in it’s natural color, her fur is polyester polar flannel. She’s filled with polyester stuffing. Her rainbow yarn hair is embroidered to her head. Her horn, ears, and hooves are painted with fabric paint. She has some glitter fabric paint around her horn too. Her face, body, and arms are soft sculpted. Her eyes are hand embroidered. Her legs are string jointed with super strong nylon upholstery thread for better posing. Her arms and head are securely attached with upholstery nylon thread. They are floppy and posable.

Fay is about 11 inches tall.

You can see more photos of Fay in her album.

Even though Fay is made as sturdy as possible, she is an art doll not intended to be a toy for small children. Fay is intended for gentle play by an adult or an older child 7 and up.

Fay will go home with a traveling companion and wrapped in a blanket.


If you think you have the best home for Fay, make a comment stating so in the comment form below. (Please note that comments will not be visible right away. I need to approve them for them to be seeing) Fay’s comments will be open until tomorrow Wednesday August 1st at 1:30pm. If more than one person is interested my little V will draw a name. Once a family has been selected a PayPal invoice will be sent. Invoice is due upon receipt.

In the event that Fay gets no entries in this next 24 hours. The comments will be closed and she will go directly to the shop and announced on Facebook and Instagram.

Fay has found a loving and magical home! Thank you so much!


Thank you for taking the time to read about our magical little one.

Good luck if you are hoping to take her home and remember to always believe in magic, you don’t know what you could be missing out.

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Read you soon!



3 thoughts on “Believe in Magic

  1. Hi Aubrey
    I’m Ray. My elves and I are very big admirers of your work. I’d love to adopt Fay and bring her into our whimsical little world. You can see our pictures at @rayofsunshine669. We’ve been hoping for a baby girl for a while and never imagined such a beautiful baby as Fay. She would definitely be a princess in our castle.
    Xoxo Ray


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