Abel, a sleeping baby boy

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.

-J.H. Oldham


Our little Abel is full of wool and love to give. When I started making him I thought he would be a toy doll, a companion for a little girl or boy. As time went on, I decided to try new things on him, and he became an art doll.


Baby Abel is made to be a floppy, more easily posable baby. He’s a tiny little one that needs his sleep to grow up big and strong. He sleeps everywhere and needed to change positions in order to be comfortable. Do you know, how uncomfortable it is to sleep with a stiff neck? He would cry and cry of me even thinking of making him a stiff neck. Instead, I decided to make him a relaxed floppy neck so he could tilt his head and snuggle up in any way he wanted.


Let me tell you that he is a very happy child now. He now sleeps through the night and sometimes even through the day.  He loves to snuggle up with us but his head needs support, just like a real baby. That is the main reason Abel is not meant as a toy for a child. He is an art doll meant for gentle play by an older child 7 and up or an adult collector.


Abel is a 14 inch natural fibers baby doll. He’s filled with clean wool. His head is made in the traditional Waldorf style and then needle felted to make it firm.  His neck is lightly filled to make it floppy and needs to be supported when handled. His skin is DWE in fair color. He has a cute little tushie and a belly button. Abel’s brown hair is made with a wool yarn and is embroidered to his head. His closed eyes are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss in black. His blushing is made with red/orange beeswax.


Abel will go home with the clothes shown in the photos above, which includes:

  • A handmade white cotton diaper with velcro
  • Gray with blue stars sleeper made with the Waldorf doll Jammies Pattern by Reggiesdolls
  • A pair of blue and tan hand crocheted booties
  • A tan and blue hand crocheted hat with pompom
  • An extra hooded romper made with recycled clothes. (This one is a gift) It was made for him but has a couple of mistakes on it so that is why I’m gifting it to him.

All my babies travel wrapped in a blanket and with a travel companion.


Abel’s adoption fee is 190 USDollars plus shipping (shipping to Mexico is free, 18 USDollars for the US, PR, and Canada, and 30 USD for the rest of the world)

If you would like to take him home just fill the comment form below stating that you would like to adopt him. If there is more than one person interested I will draw a name to choose his new family. I will take entries for Abel until tomorrow Monday July 16, 2018 at 3pm EST. Once the family is selected I will contact them and send a PayPal invoice. The invoice is due upon receipt.

Abel’s new mommy has been selected by drawing. You can see the video of the drawing in our Facebook page. Thank you so much for the people interested, I’m very grateful for the love you showed him.

You can see more photos of Abel in his album.

You can also watch a video of him getting dressed here, so you can have a sense of what he feels like in your arms.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my new baby boy. I hope you love him as much as I do.

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Read you soon!





3 thoughts on “Abel, a sleeping baby boy

  1. Hi Aubrey,
    My name is Monica and I would very much like to be Abel’s new Mommy. He will have a wonderful home here in Brazil! Hope to hear from you soon. 😊


  2. He is such a beautiful baby boy! I would love to bring him home please ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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