Pelagia, a baby whose afraid of the dark

We found this beautiful creature running away from a sea turtle. Poor sea turtle was so hungry, but we couldn’t let her eat this amazing creature. So we saved her and learned her story.


This is Pelagia, a jellyfish mermaid that seems to be terrified of the dark. You see, she was born and raised in the deep of the ocean. Even thought she can light up in the dark, sometimes she wouldn’t do it because she didn’t want to be seen. She says there are terrible monsters deep down where she lives. Monsters that can devour her in one bite. She never got caught though and knew where to hide and how to distract the monsters. Nevertheless, she was tired of living in the dark and decided to follow the light and go towards the sun.



As you can probably understand, we cannot put her back in the water. We tried, but she refuses to go down where her home was. She stays in the surface and there are many turtles in Tulum so we kept having to save her from being lunch. So as you can see she really needs a new family that can keep her in a well lit tank and give her the love she needs.


Pelagia is a miniature natural fibers art doll made for The Makers Medley Ocean Challenge.

Pelagia’s skin is organic cotton interlock in its natural color. Her face is firm needle felted wool then covered with the skin and sculpted with thread. Her arms are firmly filled with clean wool and soft sculpted. Her body is lightly filled with wool to maker her more easy to pose. Her tail and hat are crocheted with 100% cotton yarn. Her eyes and hair are also embroidered with 100% cotton thread and yarn.


Pelagia’s adopting fee is 95 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, shipping to other parts of the world is 13 USDollars.

If you would like to take Baby Pelagia home. You can leave a comment letting me know in the comment form below, make sure you write your PayPal email in the email section. If there is more than one person interested in her. I will make a drawing with the names a little after the entries are closed.

Baby Pelagia will receive entries until tomorrow Sunday July 1, 2018 at 6:30pm. After a family is selected I will send a PayPal invoice. The invoice is due upon receipt.

If Pelagia receives no entries, she will be listed in the shop and announced on Facebook and Instagram.

Pelagia is now in the shop waiting for her new mom to find her.


If you are hoping to give Pellagia a home good luck to you. If  you are just here to get to know her better, thank you so much for taking the time to read about her.

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