Elisa, a tiny bundle of love

Elisa, is a tiny sleeping beauty that is looking for someone to sleep with forever. Because she is such a small baby, she needs to sleep a lot in order to grow.

Elisa was born in the summer and she loves warm weather, the smell of sand and fresh fruit, and just sleeping under the warm sun. I try to always make sure she’s in the shade because I don’t want her to get sun burned though.


Elisa is about 11 inches tall and she loves being loved and played with. You see, she is a toy doll suited for children 3 and up. If you would like to give this doll to a smaller child I just recommend you remove the hat and the booties before letting the child play with her. You wouldn’t want those to get ruined would you?

Elisa is the perfect sleeping partner. She can sleep all day if you let her. I hope you do wake her up every now and then to make sure she eats something. She’s a fruit lover so if you give her fruit she’ll be happy to wake up, but only for a little while.


Elisa was slowly handmade with organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a light tan color. Her head has two layers of fabric and is soft sculpted. She has a cute belly button and tushy also. Her eyes and hair are hand embroidered with natural materials. Elisa is not a natural fibers doll though, she is filled with polyester stuffing to allow for this kind of sculpting. She is pretty sturdy, her arms are sewn inside the seam of her body and her legs and torso are one piece.  Her head is attached to her body with strong nylon thread. She’s made with a lot of care and paying attention to details. She is very floppy, just like a real baby and easy to pose.


Elisa will go home with the outfit shown in the photo above:

  • A handmade white cloth diaper
  • A flowery dress, beige bloomers, and bonnet made with the Baby Layette Pattern by Fig and Me.
  • Hand crocheted pink shoes

Closures of the dress and diaper are made with velcro to make it easier for little hands.


Elisa’s adopting fee is 90 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, shipping to other parts of the world is 13 USDollars.

If you want to see more photos of Elisa you can go check her photo Album 

If you would like to take Elisa home. You can leave a comment stating so in the comment form below, make sure you write your PayPal email in the email section. If there is more than one person interested in her. I will make a drawing with the names a little after the entries are closed. Elisa will receive entries until tomorrow Saturday June 17, 2018 at 10am. After a family is selected I will send a PayPal invoice. The invoice is due upon receipt.

If Elisa receives no entries, she will be listed in the shop and announced on Facebook and Instagram.

Elisa’s family has been chosen and contacted. Thank you to the ones that offered her a home.


If you are hoping to take Elisa home, good luck to you and thank you! If you just come to see her and say hi! We love that too.

I really hope you love Elisa as much as I do and that she finds a good home soon.

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