Josué, wild and free

All good things are wild and free

-Henry David Thoreau

How is the weather in your part of the world? Here is melting hot! I had forgotten how hot Merida can get, is not pretty. There is so much wind too, but the wind is hot. Let me say I wasn’t ready for a hot wind slap in the face every time I get out the door, we need some rain ASAP. Fans are always on and air conditioners are a must to sleep at the moment. Also geckos are everywhere and I’m terrified of those, so I live in constant fear in my own home, hahaha! I hope your weather is better or at least more comfortable right now. At least my kiddos are in the kiddie pool all day every day. They love it and they are so toasted by the sun. They look so cute.

You know who doesn’t mind the hot weather? My new baby doll, Josué. This little one is happy being naked all day. Well, I leave his diaper on, we don’t want any accidents. He loves the hot weather because he can play in the water, and not be restricted by clothes. Of course, this is all at home. I do dress him when we get out of the house. He ends up taking half of his clothes off anyway but well, at least he’s wearing something. Did I mention he’s fearless too? Well, he is. He wants to do everything my kids do, so he’ll try to climb trees, swim in the pool, even run before he can even walk. He doesn’t want any help either so there I am, trying to spot him all the time and catch him when he falls. He’s also not scared of any creature. He loves geckos, and lizards, spiders and frogs, you name it. He’s quite a handful. He asked for a wolf as a traveling friend. I guess it’s only natural he would ask for a wild animal as he’s traveling buddy.

Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll
Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll

The good part is that when he gets tired he just wants to snuggle and be in your arms. He even lets you put on some cute clothes on. I made him the cutest by the way. I also made him some cozy sleeping clothes because he sleeps with the air conditioner on plus I want him to be ready in case he gets adopted by someone who lives in a colder place.

Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll
Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll

What is new in this baby doll? For once, he is weighted, mostly filled with glass beads in his torso. I modified the pattern a little more. I know, I can never decide, hahaha! But I think this is it. I am very happy with this version of the pattern. He also has the cutest baby boy clothes I have ever made. I tried some new things with his clothes like hand dyeing the fabric to make his hat with turmeric and then using real leaves to stamp the fabric with fabric paint. I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to experiment more with both natural dyes and hand stamping fabric. I also learned a new crochet stitch that looks like knit. It takes a long time but I love the results on the hat I made him. It’s super cozy. I have also started using better quality materials, trying to make my dolls more special and eco-friendly.

Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll
Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll

Josué is about 12 inches long. He’s a natural fibers art doll, filled very firm with clean wool and glass beads. He’s 625 grams of pure love and giggles. His head has been made in the traditional Waldorf style with some needle felting to make it firmer. He has a floppy head, legs, and arms. Legs bend at the knees too, and arms bend at the elbows. He’s really easy and fun to pose. His skin is DWE in dark brown. His hair is a crocheted camel, mohair, and polyamide yarn wig cap in a black color that has been sewn to his head. His hair does shed and that is one of the reasons he is not recommended for kids. His eyes have been hand embroidered with cotton black and white DMC thread. His clothes are made with cotton fabrics, and wool blend fabric and yarn.

Josué will go home with the following clothes and accessories:

  • Handmade diaper with velcro
  • Handmade comfy shirt with button closure
  • Handmade overalls made with repurposed children clothes and with mismatched buttons.
  • Handmade, hand dyed bonnet with leaf stamping.
  • Handmade boots made with a slightly modified pattern by Fig and Me
  • Handmade footed sleeper made with a pattern by Wild Marigold
  • Hand crocheted hat with pompom.
  • A little handmade traveling wolf friend

If you would like to see more photos of him, you can see them here in his album.

Here is also a little video of him changing his clothes.

Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll
Josué, 12 inch Natural Fibers Doll

Josué’s adoption fee is 307 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping to Mexico is free and 18 USDollars for the rest of the world.

Priority shipping is 30 USD for the US and Canada. Priority shipping to other countries would need a revised quote. If you would like priority shipping please let me know before hand so I can adjust the shipping price.

If you would like to adopt Josué, make sure you comment on this post stating so, and make sure the email you enter is your PayPal one. If there is more than one person interested on him, I will draw a name. I will take entries for Josué until tomorrow Thursday April 15 at 1pm CDT. Please, only comment if you are sure you want him and can pay for him in the first 24 hours after the drawing. Also comments are not going to be visible anymore, I have come to the realization that some people like it this way. If you are unsure if your comment went through you can always message me to make sure.

By commenting you agree that you are 18 years or older. Please do not comment on behalf of someone else, that is just not fair for others. Once a family has been chosen I will send a PayPal invoice that is due upon receipt.

Josué found a loving home. Thank you for all the love shown to him.

As always thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Josué. I hope you love him as much as I do. Good luck to you if you are one that would like to take him home.

Hope you are enjoying your day with a refreshing drink on your hand.

Read you soon.



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