Three new babies ready to be loved

Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives.

-Kartini Diapari-Oengider

Ariana, Akiro, and Amalia- 12 inch Waldorf inspired dolls.

Hope you are all well and safe and accomplishing all your new year’s wishes already. We started the year very well. My husband was finally able to open his new business so we are super excited. He just opened his place of course and we have a lot to do to get people to know him but I think it will be just a matter of time before everyone loves his amazing cookies. With my husband working I now have a little less time to work myself. I am now spending all day with the kids and I must say I am enjoying it. I guess I was missing being with the kids and being a homemaker. My house is finally starting to look the way I want it to, haha! I also have less time to be on social media, but I will figure out a way to be more present in the future. My doll making may slow down a little, yet not too much, this is still the main source of income in our household. But being with the kiddos is also giving me new ideas and making me eager to make more dolls. Children are a great source of inspiration for sure.

Now let me introduce you to this new batch of little babies.

First born is Akiro. If you have followed me long enough, you know I have had a hard time with Asian eyes. I think they are the hardest to make. Akiro is my newest attempt to make an Asian doll and I must say I’m pretty happy with him. I love his eyes and his embroidered straight hair. He took me a minute to figure out because I kept changing his eyes and couldn’t commit to a shape to start embroidering. This is the shape he chose and he’s really a cutie.

Akiro- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Akiro is a gentle boy. He’s sweet and caring. Loud noises make him nervous but he loves the dark, looking at the stars, and singing lullabies. He wanted a boyish doll to travel with, so I offered a dragon and he loves it. He called him Marshmallow. The sweetest name for the sweetest dragon just like my Akiro.

Akiro- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll
Akiro- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll
Amalia- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Little baby Amalia was born second. Don’t let that shy face fool you, Amalia is a silly girl. She’s so silly we call her “silly monkey”. I think she got the perfect traveling buddy. A silly monkey just like her. Amalia’s hair can be styled many ways but since she can’t stand still, I decided to make her a couple of little braids and then twist them into tiny buns. You can take off the braids and style her any other way if you adopt her.

Amalia- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll
Amalia- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll
Ariana- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Ariana was the last baby to be born. I learned that sometimes when you take too long to finish a doll, he or she might fall asleep and if they do fall asleep it will be very hard to wake them up. I haven’t made a sleeping baby in a while so I was itching to make one. I must say I love her and I kind of want to make a whole bunch of sleeping babies now but I also know most people prefer them awake so I will limit it to making a sleeping baby every now and then only. Now, Ariana talks in her sleep and that is how I knew she really likes sloths. I mean, it makes perfect sense, they both sleep all the time. So I decided to make her a sweet baby sloth to take to her new home. I must say Ariana is a great baby to sleep with if you don’t mind the sleep talking.

Ariana- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll

These babies are all about 12 inches long (give and take) and are looking for new homes. They were made as toy dolls suited for children 5 and up that do not mouth their toys. They are natural fibers dolls, filled with clean wool. Their heads have been made in the traditional Waldorf style with some needle felting to make them firmer. Their skin is heavy weight Laib Yala in Tanned Peach for Akiro, Red Brown for Amalia, and Light Brown for Ariana. Hands and head have been sewn to the body with a sewing machine, so they are extra strong but also floppy. Legs and body are one piece. Their eyes have been hand embroidered with cotton DMC thread. Akiro has embroidered cotton yarn black hair. Amalia has a brunette wild brushable mohair hand crocheted wig cap that has been securely hand sewn to her head. Ariana has a natural color wild big loop mohair crocheted wig cap that has been securely hand sewn to her head too. Their clothes are made with cotton fabrics. These dolls are pretty floppy and fun to pose.

They will each go home with the following clothes and accessories:

  • Handmade long sleeve pajama top
  • Handmade pajama bottom
  • Handmade diaper with velcro closures
  • Handmade booties
  • Handmade hat
  • A little traveling friend made with wool blend felt.

If you would like to see more photos of them you can check them out here in their album.

Each doll is made to be as sturdy as possible. However, small children’s play should always be monitored. Never leave a small infant unattended with a stuffed toy.

Ariana- 12 inch Waldorf inspired doll

Each baby’s adoption fee is 195 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping to Mexico is free and 18 USDollars for the rest of the world.

Priority shipping is 30 USD for the US and Canada. Priority shipping to other countries would need a revised quote. If you would like priority shipping please let me know before hand so I can adjust the shipping price.

If you would like to adopt any of these babies, make sure you comment on this post stating the name of the baby doll: Akiro, for the Asian baby boy, Amalia for the brown baby girl with open eyes, and Ariana for the sleeping girl with white hair. If you want more than one, make sure you write the names in the priority you would like them. If there is more than one person interested in any of the dolls, I will draw a name. However, I will try to divide them as fair as I can to give opportunity to the most people to bring one home. I will take entries for these babies until tomorrow Wednesday January 20 at 4pm CDT.

By commenting you agree that you are 18 years or older. Please do not comment on behalf of someone else, that is just not fair for others. Once a family has been chosen I will send a PayPal invoice that is due upon receipt. Babies that are adopted tomorrow will ship on Wednesday.

If any of these babies do not find a home by the time stated above they will be listed in my shop and announced on Facebook and Instagram.

Ariana, Akiro, and Amalia- 12 inch Waldorf inspired dolls.

If you are hoping to take one of these sweet babies home, I wish you luck. If you just came to admire them and learn more from them I thank you too.

Hope you are all well, safe, and healthy.

Read you soon.



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  1. Sweet little babies carry such big hearts and make so many smile we would love to give sweet little Akiro a loving home and he chooses a different home than maybe Arianna will choose us.

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