Waiting for Santa

I can’t sleep, I’m waiting for Santa!

Noelia, Noeleen, and Noel, 12 inch natural baby dolls.

I know you may be wondering why I insist on making Christmas babies when we haven’t even had Halloween yet. Well, I’m scared babies are not going to make it to their homes before the holidays if I don’t make them this early. So here they are and let me tell you they are already waiting for Santa.

The first baby to be introduced is Noelia, she was the first one to be completely finished. Noelia is a little scared of Santa, I guess a big old man dressed in red with a big white beard and a loud laugh can be scary for a baby. Even so, she still can’t wait to see what she’ll get for Christmas even though we still have over two months to wait for him. hahaha!

Noelia’s favorite thing about Christmas are gingerbread cookies., especially gingerbread man cookies. She doesn’t eat them though, she gets way too attached to the little boys and girls and doesn’t have the heart to eat them. If you are thinking about bringing her home make sure she doesn’t see you eat a gingerbread man cookie, or else she’ll start crying. Noelia is a sweetie pie though. She loves Christmas Carols and Christmas decorations. She can’t wait to meet her new family and spend her first Christmas is a loving home.

Baby Noeleen, was actually the last to be finished. It’s funny because she was the one I started first. However, attaching her hair proved to be a little more time consuming than I expected. Her hair is made out of knotted pieces of yarn that is then hand sewn to her head. It is a common way to make hair but it was the first time I tried it. It is actually very cool and I definitely will make it again in the future.

Now to tell you a little bit about Noeleen, she literally dreams of a white Christmas. She’s obsessed with Snowman’s and wearing warm comfy clothes. She makes me turn the AC as low as possible so she can wear jackets here. We live in the tropics so there is no way we will get a white Christmas. Hopefully she’ll find a home in a colder area. Noeleen also loves Christmas trees, especially the ones covered in snow. She asked Santa for a sled so I hope she gets to use it.

The little boy in the bunch is baby Noel. He’s a funny little boy full of cuddles for anyone. Noel loves Christmas lights and candles. I have to be careful with him because he has been really close to touching the flames. Light definitely captures his attention.

Noel loves animal and let me tell you now that he asked Santa for a real live reindeer for Christmas, oh dear! I’m letting you know just in case he does get it. Make sure you know where you’ll put that reindeer if you decide to adopt this sweet boy.

These three babies are all looking for new homes. These dolls where made as toy dolls suited for children 5 and up that do not mouth their toys. They are 12 inch natural fibers dolls, filled with clean wool. Their heads have been made in the traditional Waldorf style with some needle felting to make them firmer. Their eyes have been hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. Their skin is heavy weight Laib Yala in Dark Peach for Noelia, Light Brown for Noel, and Red Brown for Noeleen. Hands and head have been sewn to the body with a sewing machine, so they are extra strong but also floppy. Legs and body are one piece. They each have a cute little tushie and a belly button. Noelia has a wild brushable pink mohair crocheted wig that has been securely hand-sewn to her head. Noel has a wild loop mohair crocheted wig cap that has been securely hand-sewn to his head. Noeleen’s hair is made with yarn knots securely hand-sewn to her head. Their clothes are made with cotton fabrics and all have velcro closures. These dolls are pretty floppy and fun to pose.

They will each go home with the following clothes and accessories:

  • Handmade sleeper with a faux butt flap
  • Handmade diaper with velcro closures
  • Handmade booties
  • Handmade hat
  • Simple handmade blanket
  • Their little traveling friends

If you would like to see more photos of them you can check them out here in their album.

Each doll is made to be as sturdy as possible. However, small children’s play should always be monitored. Never leave a small infant unattended with a stuffed toy.

Each baby’s adoption fee is 180 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping to Mexico is free and 13 USDollars for the rest of the world.

Priority shipping is 30 USD for the US and Canada. Priority shipping to other countries would need a revised quote. If you would like priority shipping please let me know before hand so I can adjust the shipping price.

If you would like to adopt any of these babies, make sure you comment on this post stating the name of the baby doll: Noelia for the girl with pink hair, Noel for the boy, and Noeleen for the black girl. Since their names are so alike I decided to write their names on their photos this time so you know exactly what to write. If you want more than one, make sure you write the names in the priority you would like them. If there is more than one person interested in any of the dolls, I will draw a name. I will take entries for these babies until tomorrow Sunday October 18 at 5pm CDT.

By commenting you agree that you are 18 years or older. Please do not comment on behalf of someone else, that is just not fair for others. Once a family has been chosen I will send a PayPal invoice that is due upon receipt.

All babies have found loving homes.

Hope you like my new Christmas babies and that you get the one you like the most. Thank you for checking them out.

Stay safe and healthy.

Read you soon.



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  1. The three babies are all quite adorable and they are welcome by me, first Noelia, then Noeleen, then Noel. I hope one of them will be under my Christmas tree this year. I keep my fingers crossed. Big hugs and cuddles and lots of love to all the babies and to you Aubrey.

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