Valentina’s full of love

All you need is love.

– The Beatles

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope this year is treating you nicely so far. I’m pretty excited about this year since I have new ideas and new goals. One of them is focusing more on natural fiber dolls, you know, the Waldorf inspired kind. That is why I wanted my first doll of the year to be one of them. Now meet my loving Valentina. She’s full of love and loves hearts and the color pink. She’s truly a Valentine’s baby, so I think her name is just perfect for her. I know, I know, we are still over a month away from Valentines, hey! I haven’t even taken down my Christmas tree. Though, we Puerto ricans tend to keep our trees up until February, but that’s another story.

I do make my holiday themed babies a long time ahead though. This I do because, unless they find a home here in Mexico, they most likely will take 3 to 5 weeks to get to their new homes.

Now more about sweet Valentina. Valentina loves kisses, hugs, and cuddles. She loves sweets, specially heart shaped chocolates. Her favorite song is “All you need is love” from The Beatles. She basically loves anything with hearts on it. So you can understand why I had to make so many hearts for her outfits. She also loves to dress like Cupid, so of course she made me sew a cupid costume for her. Girls can be cupids too. In fact, girls can be whatever they want to be.

Valentina is a 14 inch natural fibers baby doll. She’s filled with clean wool. Her head is made in the traditional Waldorf style and then needle felted to make it firm. Her skin is DWE in a sunkissed color. She has a cute little tushie and a belly button. Valentina’s light brown curly hair is made with loopy mohair yarn that has been crocheted into a wig cap with some strands tied around it and is sewn twice to her head. Her eyes are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss in blue. Her blushing is made with an orange/red beeswax crayon.

Valentina can be a toy for children 5 and up that do not mouth their toys anymore. Never leave a small child with a stuffed toy.

Valentina will go home with the the clothes and accessories shown in the photos, which includes:

  • A handmade cotton pink with hearts details dress with velcro closure in the back (easier for little hands to open and close)
  • A handmade diaper with velcro
  • A handmade pair of pink leg warmers made from unused kid’s socks
  • Handmade red cotton bloomers
  • Hand crocheted pink cotton and wool heart headband
  • Hand crocheted pink cotton and wool booties
  • Sized down baby knit sweater with buttons (choking hazard for small kids)
  • Hand crocheted pink wool bonnet with satin ribbon
  • Sized down and customized baby sleep sack
  • Red satin ribbon headband with red hand crocheted hearts
  • Hand crocheted with cotton and mohair yarns angel wings
  • Handmade baby lovey

If you would like to adopt Valentina, her adoption fee is 290 USDollars plus shipping (shipping is free in Mexico, 18 USDollars for the USA and Canada, 30 USDollars to other parts of the world)

To adopt her just make sure you fill the comment form below asking to adopt her.(Note that some comments are not visible right away. I need to approve them for them to show in the post) If there is more than one person interested I will draw a name at random.  I will take entries for Valentina until tomorrow, Saturday January 4 at 6pm EST. Once a family for Valentina is selected I will contact them and send an invoice through PayPal. The invoice is due upon receipt.

By commenting you accept that you are 18 years or older. Please do not comment on behalf of someone else as that is not fair to others.

Valentina has found a loving home. Thank you so much for offering a home to this sweet baby.

If you would like to see more photos of Valentina, you can check her album

Thank you so much for coming to see my sweet Valentina.

If you are not subscribed, make sure you do, so you don’t miss future babies for adoption.

Read you soon!



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    1. Hi Breianna. I can definitely make a payment plan if you are selected. There are some rules to it though. I can send them to you on an email if you’d like. The longest you have is three months to pay the doll in full.


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