Hugo a baby that will change the world

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

-Dr Seuss, The Lorax

So one of my New Year resolutions was to be more green this year. Not green as in color, but as an ecological. We already been doing a paper free kitchen for 4 years now, but I wanted to do more. I’ve been changing all the cleaning products in the home and using more essential oils than ever. I love how my house smells now. We now try to buy more in a zero waste shop and use our own fabric shopping and produce bags. We also started dividing all the recycling stuff and taking them to the recycling place ourselves.

Now I also want to bring the greener part to my business as well. I’ve been focusing more and more in using natural fabrics and yarns. Even though I am still not ready to let go of my soft sculpted babies completely yet I’ve been making more natural fibers art dolls. A way to make my soft sculpted babies more eco friendly is to make their clothes from recycled materials and natural fibers. This is what I tried to do with this baby. Even though his filled with polyester stuffing, that is about the only plastic in this baby apart from the velcro closures of course. However I feel velcro is the safer way to go when making toy dolls.

When making Hugo I couldn’t help to notice he looked like a little eco baby. More of a hipster than a cute little boy. I think my eco thinking was kind of influencing me without me noticing. Hugo loves simple toys made from natural materials. He has a little teddy he takes everywhere so I had to make him a little pocket to carry it with him. Little Hugo loves the smell of rain and wet wood. He rather play outside than inside the house. He doesn’t mind the smell of compost which I can’t deal with by the way. Hopefully in his new home he’ll get to compost with someone that can take the smell. He’ll help you pick up trash and divide the plastic from cardboard, and glass. He seems to love trees and is definitely a tree hugger. He’s looking for a home where people will help him make the world a better place

Hugo will go home with the outfit shown in the photos above:

  • A handmade white cotton cloth diaper
  • A handmade shirt made with a recycled cotton man’s shirt.
  • A handmade pair of denim overalls
  • Wool blend felt sneakers
  • resized baby slouchy beanie

Closures of the shirt, overalls, and diaper are made with velcro to make it easier for little hands.

Hugo will go home with his teddy bear and wrapped in a simple blanket.

Hugo’s adopting fee is 100 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, shipping to other parts of the world is 13 USDollars.

If you want to see more photos of Hugo you can go check his album

If you would like to adopt Hugo and help the world be a better place you should know that he is a 13 inch toy doll suited for a child 3 years and older. He was slowly handmade with organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a tan color. His head has two layers of fabric and is soft sculpted. He has a cute belly button and tushy also. His sleeping eyes and brown hair are hand embroidered with cotton thread. Hugo is not a natural fibers doll though, he is filled with polyester stuffing to allow for this kind of sculpting. He is pretty sturdy, his arms are sewn inside the seam of his body and his legs and torso are one piece.  His head is attached to his body with strong nylon thread that is then hidden with stitches around the neck for a much smoother look. He’s made with lots of care and paying attention to details. He’s floppy, just like a real baby. Hugo has a cute little birth mark on his left leg that adds to his character.

Please note that because the fabric has been hand dyed, there may be imperfections in the skin tone. I like to think of them as birthmarks as well.

Hugo is now in the shop waiting for his new family to adopt him.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about this special baby boy.

I really hope you love him as much as I do and that he finds a new home.

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Read you soon!