Bruno,a baby boy ready for cuddles

This little guy was born in the fall when the air starts to get chilly but not too cold to wear a coat. He enjoys sleeping in the hammock near the window when the sun hits. He looks so comfy in it I sometimes want to join him. He likes to be warm and cozy but is not a fan of big thick jackets.

Bruno is a sleepy head, but he does love to cuddle and let me tell you, he might be the cuddliest baby I know. Little Bruno was expected to be a preemie size toy doll. However, some things don’t go the way we plan and this baby boy was just not ready for preemie clothes yet. Bruno is a little 15 inch toy doll a little too small for preemie clothes but his heart is as big as can be.



When I planned this baby boy I also designed him to have more movement. His “cloth joints” are longer than I usually make them. When I first saw him finished I thought he looked a little weird but then I started playing with him and fell in love. Because of his longer joints this baby can be posed even better than other toy babies. His posing can be compared to my art baby dolls. He can actually sit by himself even though he still needs some practice keeping his head up.



Bruno is a 15 inch baby boy doll ready to play with anyone 3 years and over. His skin is organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a tan color. Note that because the fabric is hand dyed there might be some imperfections in the color, nothing big though and I like to think of them as birth marks. He’s filled with soft polyester stuffing. His face is soft sculpted and hand embroidered. His body is very floppy like a rag doll. As with all my dolls his head is also floppy like a real baby. Bruno is NOT weighted nor anatomically correct. He was also made to promote imaginative play and that is why his body is made in a simpler way and is not fully soft sculpted.

Bruno will go home wearing the clothes shown on the photos above which includes:

  • a handmade diaper with velcro
  • an altered preemie size outfit (onesie and pants)
  • a handmade knotted blue hat
  • hand crocheted blue booties

Bruno will also have a traveling friend and will be cozy swaddled in a blanket .


Bruno is now up for adoption. His adoption fee is 85 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, shipping to the US and Canada is 18 USDollars, shipping to other parts of the world is 30 USDollars. He’s at a special price because in a way he’s a prototype and I will probably won’t make any other baby in his size. I actually want to achieve a toy baby doll that can fit into preemie clothes. Bruno will be sold as is, I don’t have the time right now to fully soft sculpt him or make him anatomically correct. So only put your name in if you want to take him home as a partially soft sculpted toy doll.

As usual if you would like to adopt this baby please fill the comment form below stating so. I will take entries for Bruno until tomorrow Saturday September 15 at 7pm. If there is more than one person interested I will draw a name on Sunday. Once a family for Bruno has been chosen I will send a PayPal invoice that is due upon receipt. You need to be 18 years or older to comment for Bruno and you cannot comment for another person. The person that comments must be the person that buys him.

Bruno has found a loving home. You can see the drawing in my Facebook page


I really hope you love little Bruno as much as I do. Thank you for taking a look and reading about this special little boy.

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Read you soon!



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  1. He is just adorable! Please count me in with everyone else hoping to be able to adopt him!
    Kathy Kelly
    Lachulona “Mom of Many”!😉❤️


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