Peter, a baby that didn’t grow

“Even though you want to try to, never grow up”
― J.M. BarriePeter Pan

IMG_1132Let me introduce you to Peter. Peter appeared in our window a couple of weeks ago. Well, in V’s window, at night. Very weird ha? Well, he says he flew there with pixie dust, what??? He’s a sweetheart with a huge imagination, so we let him stay. This little man may look like a baby  to you, but he is actually five years old. For some reason he just doesn’t grow. He keeps telling us about this magical place called the Never Island, or Never country, I can’t remember the name well. He says there are pirates, lost boys, crocodiles, and fairies in this country of his. Well, the fairies part I have to believe because there is one with him all the time. Her name is Tink and oh man does she love Peter. She takes care of him like he’s her baby, she doesn’t even let us reprimand him. Is not like we are always reprimanding him but Peter is a handful. He’s always playing jokes on us and even though they are harmless and cute, he’s not setting a good example for V so it really makes everything difficult. IMG_1169 2

That is the main reason why we need to find him a home. We really can’t keep him here. We love him to pieces but we need to put our daughter V first. Please don’t think he’s all trouble. This little boy has the most beautiful green eyes filled with wonder. He’s very loving and loves to cuddle especially at night. Also, you need to see how he treats Tink. They are truly best friends.


If you know you want to be Peter’s mom you need to know he’s adoption fee is 385 US Dollars plus shipping. Shipping inside of Mexico is free. Shipping in the US and Canada is 33 USdollars. Shipping to other parts of the world is 50 USDollars. I ship my dolls through regular standard mail with tracking number. He’s a 15 inch preemie size natural fibers baby doll. His skin is DWE in salmon color, his limbs are firmly filled with wool, but his torso and lightly filled with wool and sand to make him feel more like a baby. His torso is also lined with organic cotton interlock. His head is jointed with a plastic security joint and it is a little wobbly. I advise you support his head when you hold him, just like you would a real baby. His legs are button jointed for better posing. His face is needle felted, soft sculpted, and hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. Peter’s hair is hand embroidered with an Alpaca, mohair, and wool mix yarn. He has little freckles drawn on his face and his ears are pointy, like an elf. He’s fully soft sculpted and anatomically correct.


Peter will go home with all the clothes you see in his photos.

  • handmade green diaper with a safety pin
  • hand crocheted wool yarn leg warmers
  • hand crocheted wool yarn hat made with the pixie/gnome hat pattern by Adirondacks
  • customized gray onesie
  • Green overalls with wood buttons made with the Sycamore Pattern by Meadowfinch
  • wool blend felt shoes made with the Briar Boots pattern by Meadowfinch
  • wool blend felt coat made with the Cozy Coat pattern by Reggiesdolls

His little friend Tink will also travel with him. He will also be wrapped in an blanket so he can travel comfortably to his new home. Even though he insists on flying there, we’ll see about that later.

If you would like to see more photos of Peter you can check his Album.

If you would like to see a little video of him getting dressed you can see it here.

If you want to give this baby a home, please let me know in the comment section below. I will take entries for Peter until tomorrow June 1st at 1pm EST. His new family will be selected by drawing. Once I select a family, I will send a PayPal invoice. This invoice is due upon receipt. 

If Peter does not receive any entries by 1pm EST tomorrow. He will go directly to the shop and announced on Instagram and Facebook.

Peter’s mom has been selected and contacted. Thank you so much for offering to give him a home.


If you are hoping to take Peter home, good luck to you. If not, thank you for taking the time to learn more about him.

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Read you soon!



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