Inseparable sisters!

Let me introduce you to my piece for the Circus and Fair theme for The Makers Medley this month, Ping and Jing, my cojoined twins.


I have always been curious about Side Shows while at the same wondered if they felt happy and proud  to be in it, I really hope they did. Being different is definitely something to be proud of and if you can get famous and be recognized for it, then even better.


I have been wanting to make cojoined twins for a while now, so this was the perfect excuse to make them. These babies are of course inspired by the characters of the movie Big Fish. Do you remember those sexy cojoined Korean twins in the movie? Who doesn’t? I would’ve love to look like them. I thought they must have been such cute babies as well, so why not make them as babies. That’s how these cute little ones came to be. Aren’t they super cute?


When I decided to give birth to these two. I was thinking of double loveliness, double cuteness, double cuddles, laughs, hugs, kisses and they truly achieve that. Ping is very active and talkative, she is also very interested in everything you do because she likes to then try to do it herself. Jing is always sleeping and dreaming of the day she becomes a star. Well, this is a dream they both have you know. Ping already told me they have decided to be stars in a circus. So of course they wanted circus style clothes. I came up with this set. That is the most circusy I can get at the moment ;-).


Now, they need someone that can help them turn their dream into a reality. If you think that someone is you. This is your chance to adopt them. You need to adopt them both as they are inseparable you know. Their adoption fee is 140 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside of Mexico is free. Shipping to other parts of the world is 13 USDollars.

Ping and Jing are made out of organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a tan color. They are filled with soft polyester stuffing. They are both fully soft sculpted and anatomically correct.  Their faces and hair are hand embroidered and they measure around 10 inches tall.IMG_0552

Ping and Jing will go home in the handmade outfit shown in the pictures which includes:

  • two white tube top shirts
  • one diaper
  • one pair of bloomers with two pairs of suspenders
  • One pair of black crocheted boots with pink ties in the back
  • two hand crocheted white and pink hats

They will be wrapped in a simple blanket and they will both have a little friend to cuddle with while traveling.


If you are convinced you can take care of these two you can now adopt them in our shop.


Thank you for taking and the time to meet these double bundle of joy.

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Read you soon!




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