An incomplete baby

As I was making this baby, I just couldn’t decide how to finish it, so I thought why not let the future mom decide?

I have a lot of people asking for my soft sculpted babies and when I am going to make more. So I decided I was going to try to make at least one every month. You may ask, why only one? Well, I have a very long custom wait list I need to tackle. So since it is only one a month, the mom will get to decide all the details. Will call it a semi custom baby.

Incomplete baby by La Chulona

Since I now want my babies to be more eco friendly, they take way longer to make and with a little person 24/7 with me, it is very difficult to put my energy into making other babies. Now, today I have this not entirely eco friendly baby that you get to customize if you end up being the mom.

Customizable baby by La Chulona

This baby is a tan color 15 inch preemie size bald baby filled with soft polyester stuffing, it is lightly weighted and will come with a magnetic pacifier (it has a magnet inside its mouth).

**The baby is not meant as a toy. It is an art doll meant for gentle play by an older child (7 and up) or an adult collector.**

This baby will start at 112 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, to the US and Canada will be 33 USDollars and to the rest of the world is 50 USDollar.

How can you customize it?

  • You can choose if you want the baby to be a boy or a girl (also if you want it anatomically correct)
  • You can add dimples to that cute bottom
  • You can choose if you want closed or open eyes (add 10 USDollars for open eyes)
  • You can choose if you would like embroidered hair or if you want it bald
    • Add 15 USDollars for a little bit of hair only on top of the head
    • Add 43 USDollars for a full head of hair
  • If you would like any birth marks, freckles, or scars, those would be free of charge as well
  • This baby will be dressed in store bought preemie clothes, if you’d like a handmade outfit, an extra cost of 20 USDollars will be charged.
  • You will also have the chance to choose the baby’s name.

My babies all come wrapped in a blanket and with a traveling friend to keep them company.

Semi custom baby by La Chulona

Now, I’m going to do this a little different than usual.

If you would like to this baby’s new mom, please let me know in the comment section below. This doll will not go to the first person that comments, I will however, receive entries for this baby until tomorrow Sunday April 15th, 2018 at 10AM EST, that way you have at least 24 hours to put your name in. I believe this gives everyone a fair chance even if you are in different time zones. I will then draw a name at random and proceed to contact the person through email to settle all the details and then send a Paypal invoice with the final amount, which is due upon receipt.

If for some reason this baby receives no entries by noon tomorrow, this post will be erased and I will finish the baby according to what I have in hand and it’ll go directly to the shop and announced on Instagram and Facebook.

This baby has found a mom to finish it. She will be a beautiful baby girl. Thank you so much for all the entries and comments full of love. I will definitely do this again!

Baby Bum

If you are hoping to be this baby’s mom I wish you lots of luck today. If not, thank you for taking a look and read all about it.

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Read you soon!



5 thoughts on “An incomplete baby

  1. Who could not love your babies?!?! I’d love have a chance at winning this little one!! Thank you for this fair opportunity, Aubrey! Hope all is happy in your world!!
    Hugs! Kathy Kelly 🤗


  2. Oh my so pleasing to look at a little boy would be so nice to have as this baby is so sweet to look at I would love to win this baby


  3. Such a beautiful baby. Definitely will make their new mom happy! Good luck to all and good luck to me 😁


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