Elodie, a shy little sweetheart

The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly

-William Wordsworth


I can finally show you what I’ve been working for all this absent time. My new newborn size, natural fibers art doll, Elodie.

Elodie is a little shy at first. She’s cautious on who she smiles to and plays with. She’s very attentive to everything you say and do. She just wants to make sure she can trust you. Once you gain her trust, she’ll show you what a sweet loving baby she is. She’s nice and cute and rarely fusses. She loves dolls, especially baby dolls. She treats them with such care and tenderness. I guess she already has those mother instincts in her.


One more thing you should know about Elodie is that she loves warm clothes, which is kind of surprising since she was born in hot tropical Tulum. I’ve been trying to get her to leave those boots and cowl, but she just loves them so much. Every now and then she lets me take them off, I have to trick her into it though. I tell her I just need to fix something on them, hahaha!

Elodie enjoys sleeping under lots of covers. She loves to be warm and snuggled up, no surprise here. She’s really hoping she gets to travel to somewhere cold, where she gets to wear lots of boots, hats, and coats. Hopefully she will.


Elodie is my first newborn size natural fibers doll and I am considering her a prototype. There will be some changes in the next dolls of her kind. Nevertheless, she was made very slowly with much love and care. She’s not perfect, but who is?

Her skin is organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a light tan color. She is filled with clean wool and has many soft sculpted details. Her face is soft sculpted and needle felted on the inside and then covered with her skin fabric. Her big eyes are hand embroidered and her hair is mohair yarn crocheted wig. She is fully jointed and very posable. Elodie is weighted with craft sand inside cloth bags in her torso, legs, and head. Elodie is not anatomically correct but can be at no extra cost. Just ask for her to be when you adopt her.

Elodie is an art doll and it is not a toy for small children. She is intended for gentle play by an older child or an adult collector.

Gently hand wash only

Elodie will go home with the outfit shown in the pictures which includes:

  • A sundress made with Meadowfinch Cloudberry dress pattern
  • A handmade diaper with baby safety pin
  • Upcycled and resized baby bloomers
  • Wool blend felt boots, made with Adirondacks Waldorf doll boot pattern
  • Wool crocheted cowl with oversized button (to make sure she doesn’t choke with it)
  • Baby bonnet made from upcycled materials.

Elodie will be wrapped in a blanket and will travel with her baby doll to keep her company.

Elodie has found a loving home. Thank you so much!!!

If you think Elodie is the baby for you, you should know her adoption fee is 200 US Dollars plus shipping. Due to her being weighted shipping inside Mexico is free, to the US and Canada is 33 US Dollars and to other parts of the world is 50 US Dollars.

To adopt Elodie make sure you write a comment in this post, saying you would like her. Make sure you write your PayPal email so I can send you an invoice. You will have 1 hour to pay for Elodie or else she will go to the next person interested. If Elodie does not sell in the first 24 hours that she is in here, she will be listed in the shop and announced on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading about our sweet Elodie.

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Read you soon!



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