Prince, a little boy with a big heart

Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery (The Little Prince)

I am an optimistic by nature. I always look on something positive we can take from every bad thing that happens. These last few days, however, have been a little difficult. It seems like the world is becoming more hateful, more backwards, and more unjust. I ‘m in between the “I need a break from all this” and “We need to fight this”. So even though I feel is important we all know what is happening in the world and people need to see both the good and the bad to make their own judgments, I have been trying to share all the things I think that will help and not the ones that will hurt. I keep thinking about my kids, how innocent they are, how they’re not scared of anyone. How V doesn’t even mentions someone’s skin color when she’s describing them. At what age do we loose that? At what age we forget we are all part of the same race, the human race. Why are we so focused in being better than the other and not focused on helping each other. When does money and power become more important than life. I wish we could be more like children. I hope we can all stop and try to remember how it was to be children. The world would definitely be a better place.

My little Prince over here, is full of wisdom and love. He believes happiness is all around us if we actually look for it. He loves roses, planes, and foxes. He lets his heart show him the way and that way he knows who to trust. His always curious and talks to everyone. He knows life is full of adventures, magic, and surprises. He believes people can be good if given a chance to be. I wish I was as optimistic as he is. But then again he’s a baby and like I said before, children see the world much differently than adults. Maybe we need to listen to them more, who knows?

Baby Prince is looking for a home of course. He’s not looking for anything specifically. He likes the fact that everyone is different and that he can learn something new from anyone. Every person is their own world, and have their own exciting adventure. So he literally can’t wait to meet his new parents, whoever they might be.

Prince is a natural fibers art doll. He’s just 6 inches tall. His arms and legs are filled with clean carded wool. His torso is filled with wool. His skin is DWE in salmon color. His head is needle felted and covered with doll skin. His neck is floppy and easy to pose. His legs and arms are securely attached to his torso. Prince is fully soft sculpted. Prince’s blonde hair is wild brushable mohair yarn crocheted into a wig cap and then sewn to his head. His eyes have been hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss in black. His blushing is made with orange/red beeswax.

Prince will go home with the clothes shown in the photos, which includes:

  • A handmade green and red romper
  • A hand crocheted yellow hat
  • Hand crocheted beige booties
  • Handmade diaper
  • Handmade sleeper
  • Hand crocheted blue booties
  • Hand crocheted blue hat
  • Hand crocheted traveling fox friend
  • Hand crocheted green blanket

Prince’s adoption fee is 210 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping to Mexico is free and 13 USDollars for the rest of the world.

If you would like to see more photos of Prince you can see them in his album

If you are interested in giving a home to this wise baby boy make sure you comment on this post stating so. I will take entries for Prince until tomorrow Monday June 1st, 2020 at 4pm EST. If more than one person is interested in him, I will draw a name and will contact the new family right away. Once a new family for Prince has been selected, I will send a PayPal invoice that will be due upon receipt. Payment plans can be arranged but a 50 dollars non refundable deposit must be paid up front. This deposit goes towards the price of the doll.

If Prince is not adopted in the time stated above, I will list him in my shop and announce it on Instagram and Facebook.

By commenting you agree you are 18 years old or older. Please do not comment on behalf of someone else, it is not fair to others.

I hope you love my Little Prince and if you would like to take him home, I wish you good luck.

Please be safe, take things slow, but always stand up for what’s right.

Read you soon.



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One thought on “Prince, a little boy with a big heart

  1. Hi Aubrey! As you know, I would be proud to adopt your little prince…. i felt in love with him since the very first picture you posted…


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