Sol, a magical flower is born

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

-Gerard De Nerval 

Have you heard of all the animals that are taking over desolated cities during this quarantine season? Just the other day, my friend in Massachussets was posting about coyotes howling in the middle of the street. She said it was fascinating, beautiful, and a little bit scary at the same time. I would’ve loved to see that. We haven’t seen much of those here though we live near the jungle and we get to see lots of other wild animals anyways. Now, did you know that not only animals are coming out, all sorts of living beings are flourishing with less humans around. Magical flowers are very rare and very delicate. They usually don’t survive because people are always touching them, not knowing that it hurts them. Well, guess what? There are not many people around these days and magical flowers have started to bloom.

And just how lucky we are that we found a fully bloomed one. This little lady was in a corner of the path were we always walk our dog. People are still going there to walk their dogs, but everyone seems to go fast and not stay long. Kids are not running around the path and dogs seem to have a sense for these flowers so they don’t even go near. I know, I said they are delicate and are not supposed to be touched. This is true for when they are starting to bloom, but once they turn into flowers, they just want to cuddle all the time. So of course I had no problem cuddling this tiny beauty.

Her name is Sol, well, I named her that because that’s what she reminds me of, the sun. Sol means sun in Spanish, in case you were wondering. She also loves to be outside under the sun. No wonder there, she’s a baby flower that still needs more growing. I decided to take her home and reserve a little space for her. I didn’t want anyone stepping on her or pulling out her petals. She now has her own flower pot with fresh dirt and a little earth worm friend who helps her grow. She lives on my work table in my studio away from the cat. Though we take her outside every afternoon so she can play in the sun for a couple of hours. I think she looks prettier every day.

Baby Sol is a 4.5 inch natural fibers doll. Her body is made with organic cotton interlock hand dyed to a green color. She has hand embroidered leaves all over her body. Her face skin is DWE in dark brown. She’s stuffed with clean carded wool. Her head has been made in the classic Waldorf style but then it has been needle felted to make it more firm. Her eyes and eyebrows have been hand embroidered with cotton floss. Her petals were hand crocheted with yellow perle cotton thread. She has wool blend felt leaves on the back of her head. Her arms and legs have been string jointed with upholstery thread and her head has been hand sewn to her head. Her head is floppy and the doll is very pose able.

Sol will go home with:

  • A hand crocheted wool flower pot with hanging ropes.
  • A hand crocheted wool brown (dirt) shawl
  • A hand crocheted earth worm that will keep her company during her journey to her new home

As you probably already figured out, Sol is out for adoption. Hopefully someone that loves flowers and has a green thumb. Though magical flowers don’t need much from humans to grow, they only need lots of love and cuddles.

You can see more photos of Sol in her album.

Sol’s adoption fee is 150 USDollars plush shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free. Shipping to the US and Canada is 8 USDollars. Shipping to other parts of the world is 13 USDollars.

If you want to give Sol a home where she can grow, make sure you comment on this post stating so. I will take entries for Sol until tomorrow Saturday May 2nd, 2020 at 4pm EST. If more than one person is interested in her, I will draw a name and will contact the new family right away. Once a new family for Sol has been selected, I will send a PayPal invoice that will be due upon receipt. Payment plans can be arranged but a 50 dollars non refundable deposit must be paid up front. This deposit goes towards the price of the doll.

As always by commenting you agree that you are 18 years or older. Also please do not comment on behalf of anyone else, it is not nice to others.

Sol found a loving home. Thank you very much!

Hope this little bright flower illuminates your day. Thank you for taking the time to meet her and maybe offering her a home.

Stay home if you can. Wish you all peace and health.

Read you soon.



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