Alba, a little surprise baby girl

The best things happen unexpectedly…

Allow me to tell you how Alba came to be. A couple of years ago, I made a doll for another doll maker friend. We actually swapped dolls when I was first starting to make my Waldorf inspired babies. While sculpting the arms for the baby doll I noticed the arms where a little too short for the doll. So I put them away and made new ones. The doll came out really cute and is now in my friend’s collection of baby dolls. I decided to save the unused arms for when I made a slightly smaller doll in that same skin tone. Of course, time passed by and I totally forgot about the arms.

When the quarantine started I decided to try to use as much of the materials I already have, so I started looking around my studio, making decisions and planning ahead my next babies. I saw these two little arms. One was completely sculpted and the other one was only stuffed, but they were together and in perfect condition, so I decided this was going to be the moment to make that doll. Little did I know, I didn’t have enough fabric to make the whole doll, but just enough to make two legs and a head. And that’s what I made, I went with the printed fabric body, that way she will never ever be naked. I didn’t know I was going to like her so much, but I do. I am completely in love with this little one.

I’m telling you the more I worked on this doll, the more I loved her. Every day, making her eyes, her hair, her clothes, her shoes, even her little doggy. There is not one things about this little one that doesn’t make me go “AWWW”. I just love her and I hope you do too.

Alba is a little shy. Perhaps the fact that she came arms first and had such a long delivery makes her a little nervous about everything around her. Just like any baby once she gets comfortable, she’s just a delight to take care of. She loves the outdoors, the trees and flowers and the colors of the rainbow. She thinks she’s a flower princess and she loves to wear her “princess” dress and crown. She has a little puppy which of course she named “Princess” and she needs her to sleep at night.

Alba is a 12 inch natural fibers baby doll slowly made with care and love. Her skin is DWE in light brown/mocha color. Her torso is made of cotton jersey in a printed fabric and it looks like she is permanently wearing a onesie. She’s stuffed with clean carded wool. She’s slightly weighted with glass beads inside a cloth bag in her torso. Her head is very floppy and needs to be supported, just like a real baby.  Her legs and arms have been securely attached to her torso and they are very floppy as well for better posing. Her face is firmly needle felted and soft sculpted, and her green eyes have been hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. Alba’s red hair is wild brushable mohair crocheted into a wig cap and then brushed to get the length she has. It can be carefully brushed with a dampen brush or fingers. Alba’s arms and legs are fully soft sculpted. This baby girl is not a toy. She is most suitable for gentle play by an older child 7 and up or a collector.

Alba will go home with all the clothes you see in her photos.

  • Red bloomers with suspenders
  • White dress with embroidery detail
  • Hand crocheted blue Mary Jane shoes made with a pattern by October Rose Dolls
  • Hand crocheted hooded cowl
  • Hand crocheted leg warmers
  • Hand crocheted green shawl with a wooden heart shaped button
  • Tulle white under skirt
  • Silver crown with blue flower
  • Her puppy, Princess

If you would like to see more photos of Alba you can check her album

Alba’s adoption fee is 300 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, to the US, and Canada is 33 USDollars and for the rest of the world is 50 USDollars.

If you want to give Alba a forever home make sure you comment on this post stating so. I will take entries for Alba until tomorrow Thursday April 23rd, 2020 at 4pm EST. If more than one person is interested in her, I will draw a name the next day and will contact the new family right away. Once a new family for Alba has been selected, I will send a PayPal invoice that will be due upon receipt. A 3 month payment plan can be arranged. However, the first payment needs to be of at least 1/4 of the price of the doll, from which 50 USdollars are considered a non refundable deposit.

Alba has found a loving home. Thank you very much!

As always by commenting you agree that you are 18 years or older. Also please do not comment on behalf of anyone else, it is not nice to others.

Thank you for taking the time to meet my baby Alba. I hope she has made your day a little nicer.

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Stay safe, healthy, and happy.

Read you soon!



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  1. Your Alba is so so adorable I straight fell in love with her and I can tell you, my dear Aubrey, she is very welcome by me and I keep my fingers crossed … Take good care of you and your little family. Big cuddles to Alba and big hugs to you.

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