Shahdi, the happiest baby you’ll meet

Be happy, and a reason will come along

– Robert Brault

Shahdi, natiral fibers art doll by La Chulona

Let me introduce you to the sweetest and happiest baby there is, Shahdi.

Shahdi cannot stop smiling. I swear, I have never heard this child cry. I know when she wakes up because of the giggles coming from her crib. Every time I go to check on her, she has the sweetest smile and the kindest eyes and it just makes me want to hold her. Some might say that is her way to get attention, but who would mind holding such a happy baby?

Shahdi waking up from her nap

This baby is a real sweetheart, she was born while we were building our backyard fire pit. So she loves playing with wood, and helping organize the fire wood. Well, she thinks she’s organizing it and after all, is the intention what counts.

She loves being around people and imitating all you do. Well, I guess that’s the point of being a baby. How else will they learn?

Shahdi enjoying the sun

Shahdi, being a baby that was born in the tropic, really likes to be outside. It’s been a little cool in the mornings here, so I try for her to be covered as much as possible. However, Once the sun starts to heat up, she slowly starts taking her clothes off. She usually ends up only wearing diapers which she wants to take off also, but I’m just not to keen about that yet.

Shahdi being helpful

If you are falling in love with this little lady,  I should tell you that her skin is DWE in Dark Brown. She is filled with clean wool. Her head is soft sculpted on the inside, then needle felted and then covered with the skin fabric. Her hair is a big looped mohair yarn crocheted wig in black. She has many soft sculptured details on her body; she has all fingers and toes, a belly button, and a cute little tushie. Shahdi is only 8 inches tall and is very posable. Her head is button jointed, her arms and legs are cloth jointed.

She’s pretty sturdy but I would still recommend her for older children or adult collectors.

Shahdi will go home. Wearing the outfit on the pictures.

  • A handmade diaper with velcro
  • A kimono jacket, harem pants, and hat made with Fig & Me Baby Layette Sewing Pattern
  • Hand crocheted booties
  • Handmade headband with tiny bow

Shahdi will be wrapped in a handmade blanket and with a little traveling companion.

This sweet baby girl is prototype number 2 of this style of doll. She’s almost the way I want the pattern to be. I may just change one or two things before I make the final decision. Because of this, she’s at the introductory price of 100 USD plus shipping. Shipping in Mexico is free. Shipping to other parts of the world is 13 USD.

You can adopt Shahdi in our shop now. 

Shahdi has already found a loving home. Thank you so much.

Shahdi just being cute

Thank you for taking the time to getting to know our cheerful baby. I hope you all love her as much as I do.

Read you soon!



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