Belén, loves music.

Music is the strongest form of magic.

-Marilyn Manson

Belén, natural fibers baby doll

Hello again! You are probably wondering how in the world I was able to finish this sweet girl two weeks after I finished Fátima. Well, I’ll let you know my secret. I have a very helpful husband who is unemployed at the moment. He happily agreed to take care of the kids all day while I work full time. So instead of having my usual 4 hours of work a day, I now have 8 or more hours to let my creativity take over and make the dolls I dream of. I do have to take some breast feeding breaks here and there, so I’m really happy I get to work at home. I must say I had a lot of fun with this baby. I got to play with her and try some of V’s newborn clothes on her too. I even thought about keeping her just because she’s a doll I would definitely buy for myself.

Belén, a natural fibers baby doll

Belén is inspired in Puerto Rico. Especifically the Bomba music from my island. The most magical music I have ever sang, danced, and experienced in my life. Bomba is the oldest endemic music in Puerto Rico. It started with the slaves brought from Africa and it is still alive in Puerto Rico and everywhere where there are Puerto Ricans. Some of you already know I was a singer before being a doll maker. What you probably don’t know is the first genre I got paid for to sing professionally was Bomba. I fell in love with the rhythms, the percussion, the songs, and the whole dance dynamics. If you would like to listen to one of my favorite Bomba songs click here. One of the singers is Chamir Bonano, a dear friend of mine who I love and feel extremely proud of.

Belén, a natural fibers art doll

As you probably already know Belén is full of culture, sentiment, and music. She can’t dance Bomba yet, but I know she can’t wait to stand up and shake that skirt everywhere. She loves drums and she has good rhythm. Start a beat and she’ll be bopping her head and moving her little body to that rhythm. She has an ear for harmony and her favorite song is “Mamá Cuidame a Belén”, the song which she got her name from. She loves ruffles and bows, dolls, and flowers. She misses her island of Puerto Rico but she carries it in her heart. She keeps the Puerto Rican flame alive through the food she eats, the tales she gets to listen to, and the music of course. I guess she has a bigger piece of me in her than other previous dolls. I do love her very much, and she will be very hard to part with.

Belén is a 19 inch small newborn size natural fibers baby doll. She fits into newborn or bigger preemie clothes. Her skin is Laib Yala swiss tricot in red brown color, her limbs and torso are firmly filled with clean wool. Her head is very floppy and needs to be supported at all times, just like a real newborn baby.  Her legs are sewn directly to the torso with upholstery thread. They are very floppy as well as her arms. Her arms are sewn to her torso with both upholstery thread and polyester thread. Her face is firmly needle felted, soft sculpted, and hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. Belén’s hair is a black crocheted wig cap made from big loopy mohair yarn. She also has a couple of strands tied to the cap in the front. She’s fully soft sculpted, very slightly weighted in the torso (she only weighs a little under 2 pounds), and she’s anatomically correct.

Belén will go home with all the clothes and accessories you see in her photos.

  • Cloth diaper with snaps
  • White and green romper dress with underskirt
  • Green head scarf
  • Hand crocheted barefoot gladiator sandals
  • Flower print shirt
  • Flower print diaper cover
  • Hand crocheted bonnet
  • Hand crocheted booties
  • Baby doll traveling friend

If you would like to see more photos of Belén you can check her album.

If you would like to see a little video of her getting dressed and listen to her favorite song, you can see it here. The video has terrible lighting though. The sun kind of faded away mid video, so it starts very bright and ends very dark. At least you can have an idea of what she feels like.

Belén’s adoption fee is 735 USDollars plus shipping. Shipping inside Mexico is free, to the US, PR, and Canada is 45 USDollars and for the rest of the world is 70 USDollars. Correos de Mexico has informed me that big boxes cannot be sent through regular mail anymore. They have to be sent through MexPost which is like Priority Mail here in Mexico. This was an option I didn’t have in Tulum and even though it is a little more expensive it cuts down the waiting time in half. This is the reason why Belén’s shipping price is high even though she doesn’t weight that much.

If you wish to adopt this baby girl just comment below stating so. I will take entries for Belén until tomorrow Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 4pm CDT. If more than one person is interested I will draw a name later on. Once a family has been chosen I will send a PayPal invoice. There are short payment plans available, but at least 1/4 of the doll’s price needs to be paid upfront. From that payment 50 dollars will be taken as a non refundable deposit that will go towards the final price of the doll. Shipping can be paid afterwards. The doll will be shipped after it is paid in full, including shipping.

As always by commenting you agree you are 18 years or older and please do not comment for someone else.

Belén has found a loving home. Thank you so much.

Hope you like this sweet baby girl. She’s real close to my heart, so I may need some time to properly say goodbye. I’m just letting you know in advance.

Take care, stay safe, stay healthy, believe in magic, sing, and dance to music that feels magical to you.

Read you soon.



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